Useful Information

Our school will be closed on the following dates:


2023 Bank Holidays

Date Day of the week Bank holiday
28 August Monday Summer bank holiday
25 December Monday Christmas Day
26 December Tuesday Boxing Day

Upcoming bank holidays in England and Wales 2024

Date Day of the week Bank holiday
1 January Monday New Year’s Day
29 March Friday Good Friday
1 April Monday Easter Monday
6 May Monday Early May bank holiday
27 May Monday Spring bank holiday
26 August Monday Summer bank holiday
25 December Wednesday Christmas Day
26 December Thursday Boxing Day

Your First Day


Your first day is very important, so please arrive at the school EARLY:

Morning Students Afternoon Students
8.45 am 11.15 am

When you arrive in the school, please go to RECEPTION – Malvern House staff will show you where to go next.

Please bring these items with you on your first day:

  • Your passport with visa or national identity document for EEA students. (Please note,it might not be possible for you to join a class until we confirm your ID)
  • Confirmation of Enrolment letter
  • £35 to buy your first course book (or as deposit for a loan copy, for students studying for 3 weeks or less)


LEVEL EVALUATION AND WELCOME TALK: a teacher will speak to you to understand your English level and your individual goals and needs. You will then have a tour of the school and a welcome talk to give you important information about the school and life in Brighton.


YOUR FIRST CLASS: After your welcome talk, you will receive a timetable showing details of all your classes. Morning students can join their first lesson at 10.30am. Your teacher will be expecting you.

Cost of Living

Below is information on the average cost of living in the UK per week. Remember this is just an average example and costs vary from person to person, depending on your lifestyle.

If you wish to check how much these costs are in your own currency then have a look at

There is also some specific information on the costs of certain items in the UK. Prices are based on average supermarket prices and can be either higher or lower depending on quality.


  • Average transport cost per month – £135
  • Optional school social programme events – £100
  • Combo meal at fast food restaurant – £5
  • Average food cost per month – £265

£ 2.75


Loaf of Bread
£ 1.10

milk -bottle

Milk (1 Ltr)
£ 0.91


Rice (1 kg)
£ 1


Water (1.5 Ltr)
£ 0.95


Vegetables Per kg
£ 1-2

Life in Brighton

Malvern House provides support on all aspects of Brighton life. We are here to help you before you leave home, when you arrive in Brighton, and throughout your time studying with us.

how to offer host student accommodation Brighton

For many students at Malvern House Brighton, it is their first time visiting our city. Brighton and Hove is a popular city for both students and tourists. It is next to the sea and home to the iconic Brighton Pier and Royal Pavilion. Brighton has many arts festivals and music events, and offers a diverse and fun nightlife with many pubs, restaurants and cafes. In 2018, Brighton attracted around 11 million visitors.

This page will help you understand a little about living in Brighton!

Eating & Drinking

If you want to try traditional British food, it is a good idea to visit a gastropub or a carvery.

Sunday Roast Diner
Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips
Afternoon Tea

In addition to British food, you will be able to discover international food in the Brighton Laines, city centre and along the seafront which offer many different types of cuisine and have a large range of Vegetarian ,Vegan and Halal foods.

Travelling Around the City

On Foot

The best way to travel around Brighton is on foot, as it is a lot cheaper and better for the environment.

The railway station is only 10 minutes from the city centre and the sea is close to the city’s main attractions, shops, restaurants, hotels and nightlife.

In fact most of Brighton & Hove’s key central areas are accessible on foot within just 15 minutes.

Download a map of Brighton

Getting Around Brighton & Hove By Bus

Brighton and Hove buses are very frequent, with many day, week or monthly saver tickets available, so they are an easy and cost-effective way to travel around. Our school is very close to many bus routes, so it is easy to travel to and from the school.

Prices start from just £2 but as fares can change we recommend checking the Brighton and Hove bus website for the latest details.

Interesting Places and Attractions

HERE ARE SOME THINGS FOR YOU TO TRY IN BRIGHTON. Brighton has lots of famous places to visit, but there are also some amazing places to go that many people do not know. Here are some good ideas – ask a classmate to go with you!

Visit the Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion is an exotic palace in the centre of Brighton with lots of history. It was built as a seaside pleasure palace for King George in the style of India and China. The former palace is surrounded by the beautiful Pavilion gardens.

Visit British Airways i360

Take a ride 450ft into the sky in the British Airways i360. From here you can see amazing views of city landmarks, artwork on the rooftops, wind farms at sea and the rolling coastline stretching away to the horizon.

Take a walk along Brighton Pier

Take a walk along Brighton Pier – and try the traditional fairground rides including the Turbo Roller Coaster or take your chance on the games in The Dome.

Visit the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

Can be found in the Royal Pavilion garden, at the heart of the city’s cultural quarter. It has a lot of different collections which tell stories about the city and the world we live in.

Walk around The Lanes

The Lanes are a collection of narrow lanes in Brighton which are famous for their independent shops, boutiques and antique shops – a shopper’s paradise.

Interesting Places and Attractions

The UK is a well-connected country with regular trains going to every city, town, and most villages across the nation. Here are some ideas for exploring:

Edinburgh – travel time from Brighton: 6 hours

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and home to Scottish culture. Famous sights include Edinburgh Castle and Arthur’s Seat.

Cardiff – travel time from Brighton: 4 hours

Cardiff is Wales’ capital city. Home to a distinct culture and language, the city is much more relaxed than London (we know as our partner is a London School of English).

Oxford – travel time from Brighton: 3 hour

Oxford is the educational centre of the UK, and its university is the oldest in the English-speaking world. You’ll also find beautiful architecture and sights throughout the city.

London – travel time from Brighton: 1 hour

London is the capital city of the UK and home to the Queen of England and her official residence Buckingham Palace. It is full of museums, attractions like The Tower of London, London Bridge, The London Eye, Houses of Parliament as well as nightclubs , pubs and much more.

Windsor – travel time from Brighton: 2 hours

Another of the Queen’s homes, Windsor Castle dominates the town – but the centre is also beautiful with many traditional buildings.

Finally, if you fancy visiting a European destination – you can take the Eurostar, a train that goes from King’s Cross station and under the sea to Europe! In two hours you go from the centre of London, to the centre of Paris! The train also connects to other beautiful European cities such as Amsterdam and Brussels. The service also easily connects to European railway services, enabling you to travel anywhere in Europe.

At School

Study Breakout & Self Study Area

Student Computers and Free Wi-Fi

Interactive whiteboard or projector


Student relaxation area in the centre of the school, with free access to computers for general use.


There is free WI-FI throughout the school.


A teacher is available twice a week for you to visit. You can get one-to-one advice about your studies, can ask for help with other things, such as writing, or ask questions about life in the UK. Students are welcome to book a learner support session, and can do this at Reception.


You can improve your English faster by joining some of our extra classes, on areas such as conversation, writing, grammar and pronunciation. Please ask at Reception if you are interested.

Before Leaving


You can book homestay student hosting with Malvern House or arrange your own private accommodation. Accommodation is provided by the school directly or by British Council accredited partners. Many of our students will first book their accommodation through Malvern House and then move into a shared apartment with friends.

Note: Students arriving in the UK after 8pm must book a transfer if they stay in Malvern House accommodation.

Airport Transfer

For personalised service, book an airport transfer to take you and your luggage from the airport to your accommodation.

  • Return transfer packages are also available
  • Drivers will wait for 2 hours after the arrival of your flight. If you cannot locate your driver, please go to the airport Information Desk.

Drivers will carry a sign with your name. If you cannot see them, go to the airport Information Desk. Do not go with a driver from another company. Some unlicensed companies charge large amounts of money to newly-arrived foreigners at airports.

Travel Card

Brighton is accessible on foot – you can walk around the city easily – but there is a local bus service. If you stay in a homestay out of the city you may want a weekly bus pass to travel to school. You may choose to travel by train as the school is only a 5-minute walk from the station.

Getting Around Brighton & Hove By Bus

Brighton and Hove buses are frequent. Day-saver, week-saver or monthly-saver tickets are available. It is an easy and cost-effective way to travel around. Our school is close to numerous bus routes. It is easy to travel to and from the school.

Prices start from just £2. Check the Brighton and Hove bus website for latest details and prices.

Private Accommodation in Brighton (not organised by Malvern House Brighton)

Hotels, hostels, Bed & Breakfasts or Guest Houses are available. Use the Visit Brighton accommodation listings ( to find accommodation. Prices are available on request from the hotel website or by contacting them directly.


Malvern House Brighton is in the very heart of Brighton and just 15 minutes walk away from the beach and most of the city’s attractions. The train station is just a 5-minute walk, linking you up to major rail connections across the UK, and making travel easier and cheaper than other schools in Brighton.

There is a good range of international students at the school and opportunities to make new friends on our weekly social programme. We also offer opportunities to study in our sister English schools in London and Manchester.

We offer different types of accommodation, including staying with a student host family nearby to the school.

Malvern House has been British Council accredited since 2019.

We are located at the very centre of Brighton at 20 Queens Road, BN1 3XA, a five-minute walk from Brighton Train station. If you are looking for a centrally located Brighton English school, Malvern House is ideal.

Malvern International also has an English language school in Manchester and an English language school in London.

We have a student breakout room with computers for self-study where you can relax, have a coffee and chat with other students. There are modern classrooms equipped with interactive white boards and free Wi-Fi around the school.

At Malvern House Brighton the maximum number of students in your class will be 15. We have a variety of English courses in Brighton, so please get in touch if you would like a more accurate figure.

Malvern House teachers follow a syllabus for each level of English so that students can improve their language skills in an effective and structured way. Students will learn the vocabulary and grammar suitable for their level and improve on their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Every month, you will have a one-to-one conversation with your teacher to check your individual progress. Our teachers have the flexibility to design the course around the needs of the students.  Whether you are taking an IELTS course or any other, we make each class enjoyable and interesting.

Under 18 Students

For students aged 16 and 17 years old, the school provides limited supervision for all activities or services offered directly or indirectly by the school