General English with Teaching Workshops

This course is for teachers who want to improve their General English competency and wish to take two selected teaching workshops.

Malvern House works in partnership with Erasmus plus programme.

Course Aims

  • Improve your general English skills
  • Prepare for Cambridge exams – First and Advanced Certificate
  • Improve your speaking skills and fluency
  • Enhance your knowledge of Using technology in the classroom, British culture, language teaching methodology or CLIL.

Who for?

  • Teachers in primary, secondary and further education
  • Teachers of any subject

Key facts

Dates Start any Monday
Course format – 20 hours per week
General English and Conversation – 15 hours / week

Two selected teaching workshops* – 5 hours / week

  • Choose from: Using technology in the classroom, CLIL, British Culture or Methodology

Minimum level of English


Included in the course

Malvern House weekday social activities

Expected results

Participants will improve General English and improve knowledge on selected teaching methodology topics.

Certification awarded


Course price – 2 weeks

1 week – £430; 2 weeks – £860

Registration fee – £50

Course book – £35


Residence / flatshare – CLICK or Homestay – CLICK

Example timetable

Week 1

Week 2

  • The above are example timetables and the exact times of classes may differ depending on student’s level of English.
  • General English classes are in groups of students of different ages and professions, minimum age is 16 (groups are 6-15 students). Elective workshops are participated by teachers only (groups are up to 8 students) and they can also be in a one-to-one format.
  • The content of the course comprises example topics and it may change after the needs assessment in order to tailor it to the students needs
  • If your level of English is lower than B1, you will not be able to fully benefit from the course, therefore, Malvern House reserves the right to switch your course to General English. The price for the course will stay the same.