Care of under 18s


Malvern House Brighton is an English language school adults. We also welcome students aged 16 – and 17 who will be treated the same as adult students and will not be supervised outside of class time. They will also be expected to travel to and from the school independently

  • We require a parental consent form to be completed and returned to us by a parent/guardian before the arrival of the student. The parental consent form details the level of care and support we will provide, the rules that we expect the student to follow in order to keep them safe, and our 24-hour emergency contact numbers in case someone needs to get in touch with us.
  • We require a 24-hour contact number and email for the parents or legal guardians of students. This must be provided in the parental consent form.
  • Parents or guardians must inform Malvern House Brighton of any medical condition or disability of a prospective student.
  • Students who are prescribed medication are asked to bring a letter from the doctor with the name of the medicine, the dosage and frequency of taking it and the name of the condition for which it has been prescribed, clearly described in English. In the event that a student is taking regular medication, the student must be responsible for the care and administration of their own medication. Malvern House Brighton staff or host families will not administer medication to the student.
  • Malvern House Brighton will place 16 and 17-year-olds in homestay accommodation only. We very strongly recommend that students under the age of 18 book half-board accommodation with us to ensure they receive healthy and nutritious meals every day. All our hosts have been selected for their suitability to accommodate under 18 students, and have undergone rigorous additional checks to ensure they are suitable for the role.
  • We strongly recommend that all under 18 students arriving independently to the UK book airport transfers with us to ensure they arrive safely at their host’s address.
  • Under-18 students must inform the school if they are running more than 15 minutes lateor cannot attend their class. If we don’t receive any communication, we will actively contact the student, their host family (if applicable), agent, parents or guardians. If we cannot get in touch with the student / host family / agent or parents by 4 pm, we will inform the relevant
  • Students who are 16 to 17 years old are permitted to attend social events together with adult students, except for those events at bars or pubs which serve alcohol, or cinema trips where there is an over 18 age restriction.
  • All social events organised by the school are supervised by adult members of staff, all of whom are DBS checked to an enhanced level.
  • Students under 18 years old will be expected to have returned to their family by 10.30 pm at night during the week, and 11.00pm at weekends (Friday and Saturday). If the student is not home by this time, then the host family or guardian will report the student missing by contacting us on the emergency phone.
  • Malvern House Brighton has a safeguarding policy which describes procedures in the event of a disclosure or allegation of abuse and the referral to official agencies.
  • Child safeguarding disclosures cannot be retained as a confidential matter. All formal disclosures by a person under 18 years of age must be reported.